Wall Charts

Wall Charts

Our "Wall Charts" is a source that bridges the gap between knowledge and convenience. At RapidClean Illawarra, we believe in equipping you with the necessary tools to achieve cleaning excellence. Our downloadable wall charts are designed to be your visual guides, offering essential tips, techniques, and insights to transform your cleaning routine.

“Print and proudly display them in your workplace, creating a cleaner and more organized environment for everyone.”

Our Range of Wall Charts

Automotive Chemicals Wall Chart

Explore our 'Automotive Products and Chemicals Wall Chart,' a valuable resource featuring a wide range of automotive chemicals and detailed information. This visual guide offers insights into automotive components, dilution rate, and the diverse types of automotive chemicals employed in the industry.

Automotive Wall Chart

Cleaning Machinery Essentials

Elevate your cleaning routine with our machinery essentials chart. Discover the proper usage and maintenance techniques for different cleaning equipment, maximizing efficiency.

Automatic Dish Washing Procedures Dishwasher Racking Procedures Kitchen Sanitising Procedures

Chemical Compatibility Chart

Unleash the science of cleaning chemicals with our compatibility chart. Understand which chemicals work best together and which combinations to avoid, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Meanings of GHS PH Scale 20 Steps To Safe Chemical Handling Safe Chemical Handling Guide

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Wallchart

Discover eco-friendly cleaning solutions with our 'Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Wallchart.' This visual guide presents a range of environmentally conscious cleaning products, offering insights into their benefits, usage, and how they contribute to a greener, healthier home.

Eco-Green Wall Chart

Household Cleaning Product Wall Chart

Master the art of household cleaning with our 'Household Cleaning Product Wall Chart.' This visual reference provides an extensive overview of essential cleaning products, helping you streamline your cleaning routine and achieve a spotless, well-maintained home.

Housekeeping Wall Chart Kitchen Wall Chart Laundry Wall Chart

Personal Care Product Wall Chart

Enhance your personal care routine with our 'Personal Care Product Wall Chart.' This comprehensive visual guide introduces a wide range of grooming and self-care products, helping you choose the right essentials for a fresh and well-maintained appearance.

Personal Care Wall Chart

How to Use

  • Browse our collection of wall charts and select the ones that resonate with your cleaning needs.
  • Click on the download button provided for each section.
  • Print the chart in the desired size – whether it's a compact version for a workspace or a larger one for a common area.
  • Place the chart in a visible location to serve as a quick reference for you and your team.